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Avtec is automotive engines and transmissions manufactures in India

The tint of advancement in technology has not left even a single stream of the line without its automation. Everything has been made so fast and easy that one wonders the existence of the requirement of man on the planet.
The automatic transmission in a motor vehicle was a virtual concept a little earlier because of the inability of the machines and the mechanic devices to talk to each other. However, the same is no longer an issue. Thus, the different road conditions and the scenarios to justify the decisions is not a barrier to automation.

The performance issues have been settled to a great extent. Thanks to the intellect of the researchers who tried their best to make this dream into a reality. The transmission can be divided into parts. One is automated manual transmission, and the other is automatic transmission.  There is not much difference between them. The ultimate of automatic transmission of both will be to achieve the automatic transmission in Motor vehicle  

Auto component manufacturers in India account a lot for this development.

India is becoming self-sufficient in agriculture, services and manufacturing products. According to its requirements since decades but all these sections of development are interdependent on transportation and automobile industries. Make in India strategy that is being followed by the government made the achievement more progressive.
 The turnover of Indian auto mobile component industry is expected to account for up to 115 billion US DOLLARS by the financial year 2021. In 2016, India overtook Japan for the second place in steel production and low manufacturing cost. Indian auto component manufacturing industry accounts up to 7 percent of the national GDP and employs over 19 million people. The domestic market is expected to reach the growth level of 71 percent by 2021 by the competitive and qualitative efforts of auto component manufacturers in India.

The growth of global OEMs and localization of OEMs made the country a perfect place for manufacturing and designing base. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. India is expected to reach the 4th place in auto mobile manufacturing by 2020 after China, US and Japan and third place by 2025. Since last decade, the auto component industry in India has shown three times growth from USD 39 billion to 100 billion USD by 2016. Auto componentmanufacturers in India account a lot for this development.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Transmission Gears and Shafts in the Movement of the Cars

The mechanism in a car does its work through the transmission system. This system involves transmission gears and shafts to execute its intended performance. These components are interconnected to generate the required power to move forward the car.

Prime Objectives of the Components

The prime objectives of the transmission gears and shafts are-
·         They play significant roles in taking up the speed in the vehicle.
·         The transmission system generates the power and provides it to the wheels.
·         These components also take part in the conversion of the torque in the wheels.
·         This system is also responsible for the variation in the speed. It helps in changing the speed and to take up different gear for the motion.
·         In the component of the shaft, the crankshaft is connected to the engine and it transmits the power to the driveshaft.

Thus, these components are vital parts in the vehicle mechanism to make required movement.

Uses of Transmission parts in automobiles

Role of Manufacturers in supplying the right product in the market
Manufacturers produce the product only when there is demand. The demand for transmission parts is huge. The transmission parts manufacturers produce the products on their own or outsource it. They make a survey of all the competitors and manufacturers in the world. Usually, small transmission part manufacturers go to big automobile companies and take the orders according. The manufacturers also produce the parts according to the need of the market. Since the demand for the automobiles is never – ending, the companies need to come with products that satisfy the customers
Uses of Transmission parts in automobiles

The following are the uses of Transmission parts
·    They help us to connect and disconnect engine with the powertrain.
·    To reduce the speed of the vehicle.
·    To drive the driving wheels at different speeds
·    To give relative moment between engines and driving wheels

·    To give maximum efficiency

Monday, 16 October 2017

Powertrain Components and Its Methods

Transmission of the power is the main reason behind the movement of a vehicle. This procedure is not done so easily. Rather, it is the result of a complex combination of the powertrain components. This combination helps in generating, transmitting and distributing the power in the necessary parts in a vehicle.

The Division
The division of the powertrain components includes the following parts-
Ø  Engine
Ø  Transmission
Ø  Differentials
Ø  Drive shaft

The Fundamentals of this Combination
The fundamental works of the combination clubs a series of work that happens under the bonnet-
§  At first, these components generate the power from the fuel.
§  The respective parts derive the power and transfer it to the differentials that help to control the velocity.
§  Then it transfers the power to the drive shaft that controls the relationship of the rotation and torque of the wheels.
The quality of the output depends on the quality of the components in a large scale

A Brief Discussion on the Transmission Components

Transmission is the result of the genuine performance behind the spinning of the wheels. The term refers to the system that generates the power and transfers it to the wheels. This generating procedure involves a set of transmission components to execute its duty.

The Fellow Components

Ø  Planetary Gear Sets
These systems provide the advancement of the forward gear ratios including the reserve gear facilities.
Ø  The Hydraulic System
This mechanism sends the transmission fluid under pressure with the help of oil pump via Valve Body to control the clutches.
Ø  Gaskets and Seals
These transmission components are used to keep the oil inside the intended area. It ensures the prevention of the leaking out of the oil.
Ø  The Torque Converter
This part is helps the vehicle to stop the car at a gear while the engine is running.
Ø  The Governor and the Modulator
These parts help in monitoring the speed and in shifting its ratio.

Thus, the respective parts play vital roles in the transmission procedure.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Guidelines to Get Appropriate Engine Parts Manufacturer

Engine is an essential part of the power transmission in a vehicle. Its assembled powerful components include-
·         Crankshaft
·         Camshaft
·         Distributor
·         Timing belts
·         Push rods
·         Spark plugs
·         Tappets and so on.
Each of the small and big components has significant roles to perform in the entire procedure. In this matter, the quality of the performance depends in a large scale on the manufacturing quality of the engine parts manufacturer.

The Things to Notice While Selecting a Manufacturer

While selecting an appropriate manufacturer the customers should be aware of a few things like as following-

1. The Price Range and Quality
It is vital because the price range is associated to the budget of the customers. The moderate rate but good is the desirable thing in the market.

2. Longer Warranty
A longer warranty makes the purchase economic and popular.

3. The Customer Reputation
The reputation of an engine parts manufacturer to its old customers makes a popularity pole in the market.

These vital points help a lot in finding a proper manufacturer among many.

Avtec automobile is manufacturing to deliver powertrain solution.

There is an organization set by the United Nations to present the Indian companies to global market. All sorts of technical information are given to customers to get industrial sub-contracts and manage the supply chain. Auto components manufacturers in India whether small or big, are exposed to the global market by them. Many of the manufacturers are interested in manufacturing their products in India. R&D of the auto components are already set up in India to improve the quality of every product made. As there is the internet connection, there is not much difficulty in getting customers from all over the world to buy the auto components. 
There are many auto components manufacturers inIndia. They give out many best products used by the leading automobile companies around the world. The products are reliable, durable and affordable by the customers. Global marketing has made manufacturers transform into essential auto parts providers. There are many world class companies like BMW, Toyota, General Motors and Volkswagen depending on the auto parts manufactured in India. These auto parts are of high quality and are available at reasonable rates. These are original components and are liked by many customers all over the world. Day after day the demand for them is rising and thus the production also. 

Friday, 13 October 2017

A Brief Discussion on the Transmission Components

Transmission is the result of the genuine performance behind the spinning of the wheels. The term refers to the system that generates the power and transfers it to the wheels. This generating procedure involves a set of transmission components to execute its duty.

The Fellow Components

Ø  Planetary Gear Sets
These systems provide the advancement of the forward gear ratios including the reserve gear facilities.
Ø  The Hydraulic System
This mechanism sends the transmission fluid under pressure with the help of oil pump via Valve Body to control the clutches.
Ø  Gaskets and Seals
These transmission components are used to keep the oil inside the intended area. It ensures the prevention of the leaking out of the oil.
Ø  The Torque Converter
This part is helps the vehicle to stop the car at a gear while the engine is running.
Ø  The Governor and the Modulator
These parts help in monitoring the speed and in shifting its ratio.

Thus, the respective parts play vital roles in the transmission procedure.

Working features of the powertrain parts

The human body is composed of various organs. Each organ has a particular undertaking to perform and should work in a joint effort with each other all together for the body to work well.
How autos work
The same is valid with an auto. The auto has distinctive parts working together to influence it to work. Take for instance the powertrain in an auto. The Powertrain components are mentioned over here, specifically the engine, drive shafts, transmission, differentials and the last drive.
Ever think about how your auto functions? It has an inseparable tie to the powertrain. So how does this powertrain function? The powertrain has components that cooperate to create control and convey it to where the power will be utilized or connected. In more straightforward terms, we can state that the power is provided from the engine, by means of the gearbox to a drive shaft, which hurries to the genuine hub.

The initial segment is the engine of Powertrain components. The inside ignition engine is a warmth engine in which the consuming of fuel happens in a kept space called a burning chamber. 

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Gears and Shafts in Controlling the Balance of a Vehicle’s Mechanism

Gears and shafts happen to be the significant parts of a motor vehicle. There is a long systematic procedure behind the movement of a car. In that system the main act is the transmission of the power and this power is generated with a help of a few mechanisms from the fuel.

The Intended Roles of the Gears and Shafts

Generating power and its distribution to the wheels involve some specific mechanisms. The Gears and shafts are the parts of those mechanisms. They are used in the system to change the ratio of the speed and in the distribution of the power. These components maintain the balance of the system at the time of stopping the car while the engine is still running.

Obviously, in this matter, the company and the quality of the components matter a lot. The more high quality components are used, that good level of service can be expected in result.

Being one of the best automotive Companies in India

Once, you are able to find the right place you can easily restore the normal functionality of your auto.
1.       Going through the Reviews
First, go through the reviews of the auto component manufacturers in India that helps you to make a right choice. So, you can feel confident knowing you can get the genuine components, which fit your vehicle without any intricacies. You can get familiar with users’ experiences ensuring that you can avail the services from a specific company that gives you the opportunity to give your auto a new look.
2.       Status of the Auto Manufacturing Industry in India
Every year the auto manufacturing scope is increasing by 15-18% and the recent market value of the industry is $30 billion. It can reach up to $104 billion by 2020. There are manifold top vendors in the market today and you can choose one knowing that you are in safe hands. Ensure you get a valid contact number that helps you to reach them at any point of time and thus you can stay safe.
3.       Have a Detailed Conversation
Before purchasing the services, communicate with the representative knowing the detailed features of their products. This help you to feel confident and you can go ahead. Next, get a free quotation with all the features that aid you to choose a suitable option. While purchasing online, make sure you enter the correct information that helps you to carry out the entire procedure successfully. Once, you submit buy request you get an immediate response and according you can go to the next step.

4.       Online Chat

Presently, online chat option is also accessible and you can communicate sitting at your place. Therefore, you don’t have to travel to their office before finalizing the purchase. In this direction, you can opt for the best services from the reputed auto component manufacturers in India

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

How the transmission part is very crucial

Transmission Repair Cost
Getting a precise value cites for a remanufactured or revamped transmission is critical. There is a wide range of sorts of transmissions and each sort requires distinctive parts and diverse modify packs from Transmission parts manufacturer.
Transmissions can now and then be exorbitant to repair on the off chance that they require a complete modify. When they require a revamp, you are regularly solicited to spend a lot from cash to have an issue settled that you presumably don't see extremely well.
Reconstruct/Rebuilt Transmission

In a redesign ordinarily done at a transmission shop by Transmission parts manufacturer (otherwise called revamping a transmission), the transmission is expelled from the vehicle and completely dismantled with the parts laid out on a workbench. Each critical step is assessed for wear and harm and after that either cleaned in an extraordinary cleaning arrangement or supplanted with another part contingent upon its condition. Parts that have grating surfaces, for example, groups and grips are supplanted similar to all seals and gaskets. The torque converter is likewise supplanted, generally with a remanufactured one. 

Operations and advantages of the automatic transmission

Transport devices have turned into an essential piece of individuals' life. We can see them in practically every place. The majority of us may realize that they are outfitted with an automatic or manual transmission. These two sorts are manufactured to meet individuals' diverse necessities. Presently we might want to speak something about the last one.
Do you know how do the manual Transmission gears and shafts function? Obviously, its operation isn't basic. It requires the driver to have the learning of when to engage and disengage the grip and at what speeds the transmission should be changed into the suitable gear.

How this works

The operation of the manual Transmission includes a ton of things like Transmission gears and shafts. A shaft interfaces the grasping system to the layshaft of the transmission. The grip shaft turns at similar rounds every moment, and the coincided gears associate the grasp shaft to the layshaft, which makes the lay shaft turn at an indistinguishable rate from the engine. Also, the layshaft associated with a differential shaft that interfaces with the wheels of the auto, and it turns at an indistinguishable RPM from the auto's wheels. 

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Components utilized for the transmission repair

Transmission repair is fundamental for your vehicle in the event that you see that it is experiencing difficulty. There are a few sorts of repairs maybe that ought to be finished. A shop that has some expertise in these sorts of repairs can analyze the issue and fix it. This is a standout amongst essential Transmission components of your vehicle. On the off chance that it isn't working, it should be settled. On the off chance that the shop can't settle it, they may need to re-manufacture it or supplant it.

When it is must require
You may start to see when your transmission is encountering issues. These components can have issues in vehicles with standard Transmission components or automatic ones. One of the principal signs you may see is that the "check engine" light goes ahead. A few vehicles have an extra light that will go ahead when this specific component needs repairs. Something else you will see is that your vehicle is dithering or experiencing difficulty going ahead

Searching for the traders to get the Engine parts

It is safe to say that you are searching for exchange or customer providers of engine parts? All things considered, at that point, look on the web! When looking for engine parts on the Internet, you can simply arrange the things that you need and sit tight for them to get sent to your doorstep. The primary advantages of looking for engine parts online would be the general openness and the likelihood for you to get top quality utilized parts at much lower costs. Furthermore, incredible online parts providers will more often than not secure your own enthusiasm by presenting guarantees for Engine parts manufacturer items.
How their parts will be
Typically, you should get execution tests on engine or transmission parts on the spot however the ones that can be discovered online are generally officially tried for you.  

Today, it is at last conceivable to appreciate internet shopping with the most extreme security and comfort, notwithstanding when you require substitutes for your harmed engine parts from Engine parts manufacturer

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Uses and types of the gears and shafts

There are various types of gears accessible in the market, manufactured by material, shafts, sizes et cetera; all planned relying upon its motivation. There are distinctive criteria used to order each kind of gear, a prominent strategy is sorting them as per the course of action of shaft or pivot. There are 3 sorts of shaft gears plan, to be specific parallel shafts, crossing shafts, and non-converging or non-parallel pivot.
What it is all about?
Before propelling to facilitate talks, however, let me initially characterize a 'gear'. In layman's term, a gear is a circularly moulded toothed wheel that fills in as a component to transmit responding or rotational movement starting with one a player in a machine then onto the next. Besides, when there are at least two gears working with each other the association between these gears permits control spill out of one Gears and shafts or hub to another.

In the first place, parallel Gears and shafts are the sort of gears that interlock in a similar surface level. Illustrations are goad or straight-cut (least difficult kind of gear), helical (straightforward helical gear and herringbone or twofold helical gear). They work as a system to transfer the energy of rotational movement between the parallel shafts. 

Services for parts manufacture in India

While India may not be a created mechanical country, the Auto parts manufacturers in India have advanced an extraordinary arrangement. At the point when auto manufacturing started in India for the normal man, another age was propelled. A large number of nationals who once claimed bikes and bikes can stand to purchase little autos these days. MNCs have now set up Auto components manufacturers in India in states like Gujarat and Karnataka, and the future looks brilliant.
The parent company can't manufacture all the little parts. Other small companies spread out in mechanical homes all finished India are depended with the errand. Both the vehicles and the components are sold in India as well as over the world in many nations.
Growth of manufacturers in India

Much the same as in China, the lower materials and work costs in India make the Auto components manufacturers in India particularly beneficial. The cost would be a portion compared to the costs associated with created European nations or America. The quality is top notch due to exceedingly created investigate offices, plan, and execution.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

The modern automatic transmission consists of many components

Ever wondered just what is inside a modern automatic transmission? This article describes and informs on clutch packs, one-way clutch systems, torque converters and more.
The modern automatic transmission consists of many components and systems that are designed to work together in a symphony of clever mechanical, hydraulic and electrical technology that has evolved over the years into what many mechanically inclined individuals consider to be an art form. We try to use simple, generic explanations where possible to describe these systems but, due to the complexity of some of these components, you may have to use some mental gymnastics to visualize their operation.
Engine transmission components are the components which transmits power from engine to the wheel of the automobile, in two wheelers, the engine transmission components are clutch, gears, shafts, ratchet, flywheel, sprocket, chain etc. and in four wheelers, the transmission components are clutches,power train

An automatic transmission has a lot of parts to it, and it's not an easy thing to understand at first. The main components of an automatic transmission include the torque converter, planetary gearset, pump, clutches, bands, sensors, valve body, and last but not least is the transmission fluid, otherwise known as ATF.
An automatic transmission, also called autoself-shifting transmission,n-speed automatic (where n is its number of forward gear ratios), or AT, is a type of motor vehicle transmission that can automatically change gear ratios as the vehicle moves, freeing the driver from having to shift gears manually. Like other transmission systems on vehicles, it allows an internal combustion engine, best suited to run at a relatively high rotational speed, to provide a range of speed and torque outputs necessary for vehicular travel. The number of forward gear ratios is often expressed for manual transmissions as well (e.g., 6-speed manual)

Business listings of Gear Shafts manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India

As gear shaft manufacturers, Avtec has the production line capabilities to supply OEM customers with precision machined gear shafts with a diameter of 50mm to 205mm and a length of 76mm to 915mm. Gear shafts provide the rotation that allows one gear to engage with and turn another and contain gear teeth integrated into the shaft.

A gear shaft with the gearing profiles at each end are called intersecting shaft gears. 
Gears and shafts
are examples of the gear profiles used on these types of precision made shafts.
Helical Gear-Helical gears have their teeth inclined to the axis of the shafts in the form of a helix, hence the name helical gears.

These gears are usually thought of as high speed gears. Helical gears can take higher loads than similarly sized spur gears. The motion of helical gears is smoother and quieter than the motion of spur gears.

Spiral Bevel gears: In these Spiral Bevel gears, the teeth are oblique. Spiral Bevel gears are quieter and can take up more load as compared to straight bevel gears.
Zero Bevel gear: Zero Bevel gears are similar to straight bevel gears, but their teeth are curved lengthwise. These curved teeth of zero bevel gears are arranged in a manner that the effective spiral angle is zero.

Find here Automotive Engine Parts manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India

Find Engine Parts manufacturers from India. Import quality Engine Parts supplied by experienced manufacturers at Global Sources.
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We manufacture crankshaft for trucks, automobiles, tractors, generator etc under strict supervision and stringent material analysis.
We manufacture crankshaft for trucks, automobiles, tractors, generator etc under strict supervision and stringent material analysis

We are the premier auto mobile parts, auto liner, and auto sleeves exporters based in India has earned immense accolades and already set a benchmark of success among other similar companies. This is our technical excellence and consistency that makes us most valued diesel engine parts manufacturers in automobile world

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AVTEC is now setting benchmarks in the manufacture of high-precision engine

With years of expertise in powertrain aggregates, AVTEC is now setting benchmarks in the manufacture of high-precision engine and transmission components for the Automotive and Off-highway Industry.
AVTEC's state-of-the-art manufacturing units at Pithampur, Hosur & Chennai, are ISO 16949 certified and equipped with the best of international machines like Liebherr, Gleasen, Hyundai, Mori Sekie, Reishauer and Escofier. Its in-house design and development centre and capability to handle the entire supply chain management, enable it to provide the complete solution from art to part.

The range of Components manufactured by AVTEC includes:
  • - 5 'C's of Engine: Cylinder head, Cylinder blocks, Crank shaft, Connecting rod and Camshaft
  • - Complex Casting Parts: Exhaust & Inlet manifold Flywheel, Rocker cover
  • - Transmission components for Automotive & Off-highway
  • - High precision Gears & Shafts
  • - Transfer case
  • - Planetary gear drive
  • - Double synchro pack
Having already won the trust of leading global and domestic OEM's like Daimler, GM, Ford, Volvo Eicher, M&M, Tata, Jaguar, Allison, Caterpillar, Eaton, Telcon, L&T Komatsu and many more, is the testimony to AVTEC’s commitment towards quality.

The Best Automotive Component Manufacturers in India.

The leading Auto components manufacturers in India are providing top grade components to the automotive and non-automotive industries. The components are manufactured with the classy materials. Some advanced technologies have been conducted by the qualified engineers, which crafted the best components. According to the product's quality, rates and efficiency, the components got the certificate of ISO.
Ø  The worldwide influences:
The company is serving the most durable components for automotive machines. Some foreign investments are helping the manufacturers to design innovative products. The product designs and making are influenced by the international techniques and methodologies. According to its planning, the products are different than simple and inefficient local items. With hundreds of promising planners, dedicated and skilled workers and international tools and techs, the manufacturer spreads creative items. The models are very much efficient that increase the mobility of the vehicles.
Ø  The new infrastructure:
After the modernization, automotive components have changed its infrastructure a lot. Now, the requirements of the markets are different. Vehicles have to cater longer services with good engine conditions and durable components. Therefore, advanced techs are being applied to assemble top-notch tools that would be lucrative. The key components and minor components are following the contemporary method of lean manufacturing to accomplish the demand of the industry. The leading manufacturers became able to organize the worldwide concept, tools, and techs to deliver acute components.

Ø  The range of components:
The front wheel parts of the company have got extra attention for its durability and long lasting specification. There are more in the durable category, like, seat frame, ball spring and other automotive components.
Some newly launched components have managed great success down the town as well. People can get the hard to avail double bore tractor ball, automotive exhaust connector, and modern assembly parts. These components become easily available for the widest Auto components manufacturers in India. According to its collection range, the manufacturers capture advanced machine parts, PDC ingredients, components for automotive and non-automotive industries

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Avtec offers engine and transmission components

Gears and shafts are two essential parts of a motor vehicle. These elements are essential because they play a vital role in taking up the motion, speed, and direction of the vehicle. Gears and shafts, this duo is used for changing the direction, controlling its motion and speed while driving.

The Types of Gears in Use

It is already discussed that the gears are used for taking up the speed and motion to start and drive a car. But types of gears are available in the market depending on the type of vehicles and strength it has to be taken. In that, the most popular ones are-
•    Ring gear, which is mostly used in driving the vehicles with extra strength than the usual one. The diameter of this type is commonly available in the range of 50-630 mm.
•    Round gear, which is mostly used in the private cars of the ordinary people? The diameter of this type is available within the range of 30-500 mm.

Arrays of Shafts in the Present Market Situation

Like all others, shafts are also available in various ranges.
Few of them are-

    Gear Transmission Enabled: This kind of shaft is used for transmission of the equipment. It is manufactured in high and medium carbon steel.
    Spline Shaft: This one has to be used in portable power machinery to drive the textile, agricultural and oil pump types of machinery.
    General One: This general one is utilized in the conventional vehicles to control the drive of the car. This part is connected to the engine from one end and on the top of it; the steering is placed to monitor the car as per the will of the driver. The length of the part is usually 40-500 mm.
    Pinion: This type in this region is popular with the users because of its high capacity and low maintenance cost. It also has corruption resistance even after the long time usage.

The users have to be aware of the performance and maintenance procedure of the gears and shafts to derive the best result out of them.