Saturday, 16 December 2017

Rely on the Best Transmission Parts Manufacturer to Get Quality Component

The power transformation is necessary to take forward a motor vehicle. It leads to execute the primary purpose of engine properly. The transmission parts manufacturer plays a vital role in producing correct parts, which combine a useful driving force. The entire unit of power train components is involved in the procedure of power transformation.

Ø  About the Concept of Transmission

The energy cannot be utilized naturally. Rather, it has to be transformed into such power that forces to drive the engine methodically. The transmission parts execute the process of transformation of the fuel energy into power. This change leads to generating better strength and power to fulfill its actual purpose.

Ø  The Primary Jobs of the Transmission Parts

Being aware of the components responsibility, the transmission parts manufacturer pays little attention to its precise production.

    The pieces are meant for the proper extraction of the power from the respective engine. Therefore, at first, the energy is refined to prepare it for extraction.
    After refinement, the components act on extracting the actual power from it.
    In the next step, the power is applied to the particular parts of the engine to move as per direction.
    The potential of the components ensures the extraction of the power at its highest form. Creating high potential components that can derive the best possible power extraction from the energy sources, also belongs to the responsibility of the manufacturer.

Ø  The Elements of which the Components Act

The primary reason for power transformation is to drive a vehicle. Therefore, it works on the following parts of a vehicle-

    Engine of the vehicle
    Drive shafts
    Change devices, where the power extraction takes place.

Thus, working on these parts the extracted power is distributed between the engine and four wheels to provide motion to the vehicle. The components quality depends on the production excellence of the transmission parts manufacturer.

Friday, 15 December 2017

AVTEC is now setting benchmarks in the manufacture of high-precision engine

A shaft is a cylindrical rotating rod used for transmitting the power in a machine. It basically delivers the power from the engine to other parts of the automobile before reaching the wheels. Generally, shaft is made up of mild steel or alloy steel. The gear is mounted on the shaft at required position.
Types of gears and shafts:
The four important type of gears are spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, worm gears. Among this, spur gear is the most commonly used gear type in which the teeth are straight and parallel to shaft. In helical gear, teeth are twisted and slanting to the gear axis. Bevel gear has the axes of two shafts intersect and the tooth of the gears are conically shaped. The teeth of the worm gear is cut on an angle to be driven by a worm. Shafts are classified mainly into two types namely transmission shaft and machine shaft. Counter shafts and line shafts are some of the transmission shafts while crankshaft is a machine shaft.

Requirements of gears and shafts:
        They must be completely rust proof.
        Precise design must be ensured for a fine finish.
        They should be easy to fix.

        Strength and stiffness should be mainly considered during the design of gears and shafts.

Avtec automobile is manufacturing to deliver powertrain solution

Engine generates the power to the vehicle by burning the fuel. The main part of engine is the cylinder. Other parts of engine include piston, spark plug, valves, connecting rod, crankshaft, water jacket and sump. All the other parts are located in the cylinder itself. Each engine part manufacturer has to produce the best quality engine since it plays the important role in deciding the performance of an automobile.
Important parts of an engine:
In cylinder, the fuel reacts with the oxygen in air to produce heat to power up the engine during the combustion process.
Piston is the cylindrical shaped, movable part of the engine located on the cylinder. It moves up and down to convert the fuel energy into the mechanical energy.
Spark plug positioned on the cylinder head is used to initiate the spark to ignite the fuel mixture during combustion. Timing is crucial for the spark to make everything work accurately.
Valves is also placed on the cylinder head, opens up to let the air fuel inside the cylinder and used to let out the gas outside the cylinder.

Connecting rod revolves at both ends to connect the piston to the crankshaft. Its angle decide the movement of piston and crankshaft.
Located at the bottom of the cylinder, crankshaft changes the up and down motion of the piston into rotatory motion. This act basically makes the wheel to rotate in a vehicle.

Oil sump is conveniently placed on the bottom of the cylinder to collect the lubricating oil for the mobile parts of the engine.
Avtec is the Best company of Engine part Manufacturer in Delhi.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

We manufacture transmission gears & shafts as per the specifications provided by our client

The transmission is the conversion of the energy, which is derived from the fuel to gear up the speed and motion in a car. This transformation of the energy into useful power fluctuates as per the driving requirement. This change becomes low if the speed is reduced and it becomes high if the vehicle increases its speed. This transmission gears and shafts is a combination of the connection of the engine, gear, and shaft, which are interlinked inside the bonnet.

v  Transmission in the Gears

Gears are usually meant for taking up motion and speed to the car. All the six gears mean several speed manuals and it transmits from lower to higher speed according to the speed capacity of the car. This procedure can change itself from one condition to other with the variant usage of the fuel and power consumption.

This transformation of energy in gear can be manual or automatic. If the transformation is done in the handbook process, then it naturally consumes more power and fuel.

On the other hand, the automatic gear sets a particular speed ratio depending on the load on the carriage. It reduces the fuel consumption as the rate ratio is fixed and does not fluctuate unless the vehicle is set out of the auto gear mode.

v  Transmission in the Shafts

In crankshaft of the engine, the gear is changed automatically. Now the shaft itself is subject to the manual changes because it specifies the direction of the car and is connected to the engine, so the gear. Therefore, the shaft is somehow internally attached to the apparatus through the engine. Therefore, motion and direction are internally and externally connected through the shaft and gear quite correctly.

For the modification of the transmission gears and shafts, it is necessary to continue research on the betterment of the parts of the engine, which regulates all these activities of a vehicle from the core.



Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Services for parts manufacture in India

While India may not be a created mechanical country, the Auto parts manufacturers in India have advanced an extraordinary arrangement. At the point when auto manufacturing started in India for the normal man, another age was propelled. A large number of nationals who once claimed bikes and bikes can stand to purchase little autos these days. MNCs have now set up Auto components manufacturers in India in states like Gujarat and Karnataka, and the future looks brilliant.
The parent company can't manufacture all the little parts. Other small companies spread out in mechanical homes all finished India are depended with the errand. Both the vehicles and the components are sold in India as well as over the world in many nations.
Growth of manufacturers in India
Much the same as in China, the lower materials and work costs in India make the Autocomponents manufacturers in India particularly beneficial. The cost would be a portion compared to the costs associated with created European nations or America. The quality is top notch due to exceedingly created investigate offices, plan, and execution

Current Trend of transmission in commercial vehicles

An automatic transmission is also called as auto transmission, self – shifting transmission or   n – speed automatic transmission. Most of the vehicles now –a-days are coming with automatic transmission. It helps us to change the gears automatically according to the speed. Even the engineers also research the transmissions for commercial vehicles as it helps the improvement of vehicles which in turn brings the new technology into the market.
The various change in trends of transmission for commercial vehicles are
·    Manual Transmission vehicle
·    Automatic Transmission vehicle
·    Semi – Automatic vehicle

Automatic Transmission modes
The various modes of transmission for commercial vehicles are
·    Park (P): This mode restricts the vehicle from moving in any direction.
·    Neutral (N):  In this mode, the vehicle gets started.
·    Reverse (R): This mode allows the vehicle to move backward.

·    Drive (D): This mode engages the vehicle to drive forward and as the speed changes the gears change automatically.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Find out the Appropriate Powertrain Manufacturer in India for You.

The powertrain is the vital force behind the drive of the motor vehicle. Its components have to be precise and absolute for the engine. As most of the cars in India are driven manually, the powertrain manufacturer in India plays the vital role in the modeling of the vehicles.

    What Exactly the Powertrain Do?

The engine of a vehicle derives its force from the fuel in it. After in taking the fuel, the fuel energy has to be transformed in a process that can able to move the vehicle. This transformation of the energy through the components of the device is the primary role of a powertrain. Several elements compose the whole process. It is connected to the engine, gear, and shaft, which are the vital part of driving a vehicle.

The type of the components varies with the types of the vehicles. For example, the two-wheelers powertrain device is different from the four-wheeler’s device. Due to the popularity of the manually driven vehicles in India, there is good powertrain manufacturer in India.

    The Features of the Best Manufacturer

The features of the best manufacturer is like the following points-

1. The Preciseness
The preciseness of the components is necessary for the best result in the drive. The slightest of the size, weight and wide differs in providing the result.

2. Good Reputations
The reputation of a company in the market is made from the constant production of the quality components. It helps to select the apt one for you.

3. Warranty on the Components
The quality of the components is determined with the warranty period of the elements. If it is long, that means the company is assuring a long service to you.

4. The Cost-friendliness
The cost-friendliness is a remarkable feature of a good powertrain manufacturer in India. The company, which offers the quality product in moderate price, is the best one to select.


As per the research done by the Technavio’s market research team, there will be steady growth rate of around 19% till 2020. The major factors that will contribute to the growth of the auto component manufacturing industry include the exports owing to the increase in the consumption pattern of the components. The Auto components manufacturers in India can be divided into two aspect based on the end user:
1.       OEM
2.       After market

It is believed as per the study that OEM will be dominating in the growth percentage calculated as supra. OEMs will be 89% of the market share thereby enhancing the identity of the automobile industry all over the world.

The vendors will be benefited out of the market trend if the export and the domestic consumption goes the way, it is supposed to be. If the streamline persists, India will rock as the largest in the automobiles

Monday, 11 December 2017

Find the best Engine Parts in your city

Engine parts manufacturer, manufacture parts like the cylindrical head kit and ring gears and these differ from brand to brand as they are designed for specific engines. The model of forklift makes a difference in choice of parts. The manufacturers are working on making changes in the engine of the truck to make them more efficient. It is important to determine the model of truck and help in catering to the needs of specific parts. After identifying the make and model of truck, you need to know its part number. Each part of the truck has its unique identification number in the inventory system.
To lift your truck smoothly all the time, you may need right forklift engine parts. You may need things like replacement engines or things like belts or exhaust clamps and pipes. The brand of your truck does not matter, and you just need some basic things for getting the right part for your vehicle. Your truck can be either electric forklift or an internal combustion forklift. Determine if an IC forklift is powered by diesel, gasoline or propane. Different types have different forklift engine parts, and it establishes the right type and saves a lot of time. Another thing that you should determine is a model of the lift truck.

The part number is manual, and it comes with your forklift. A good lift repairperson can determine the engine part you require. After you know the part you need, decide on what parts, you want. Aftermarket or reconditioned engine parts are an attractive alternative as they outperform the original version. An affordable price level and reconditioned parts may serve the purpose like a flywheel assembling and radiators. Your truck may need replacement from time to time. For a good turnaround, you need to contact a good supplier of forklift engine parts.
Domestic manufacturing units have reduced dramatically. Most products used by people are no longer made domestically. High performance engines need special components that are not available at automotive dealers. It is important to build high performance engines as it takes some time for receiving. Customers should realize their savings from automotive parts and the consequences go beyond savings. Besides availability, also caters quality issue.