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Gears and Shafts from Delhi India.

Causes of the Shaft Failure

The problem of failure of Gears and Shafts is not faced every day. But if it happens, it becomes very difficult to determine the cause of that failure. Here is the list of some of the causes of the failure and breaking of shafts.

  • Transverse Vibrations: It is caused due to the unbalanced drive shaft which results in the damage to the shaft. Balance weights are also missed which results in a transverse vibration which will occur once in the drive shaft due to the revolution.
  • Critical Speed Vibrations: When a drive shaft operates at an RPM which is too high in relation to the mass, diameter, and length, these type of vibrations are occured.
  • Torsional Vibrations: These vibrations are caused because of a shaft which is not in phase along with its design specifications and due to excessive u-joint angles. Torsional vibration issues can be caused because of the yoke which is outside of the design and faced by a spline.
  • Component Failure: This type of failure in the drive shaft can cause vibration. It is also due to the mounting of the transmission and the motor. The best example for this could be the failing of the u-joint.


While the processing of the shaft is going on, various stress raisers are created which hampers the successful operation of Gears and Shafts. It may be also caused due to many other situations like having an excessive load which may be imposed on the actual operating load. This unexpected load may be two or three times more than the actual one.

Best Auto Components Manufacturer in India

The Auto Components Manufacturer in India is owing to become the following automobile ancillary hub in Asia by the year 2020. It could be said that the Indian auto component industry is truly going global and spreading its wings all around the world. It was also analyzed that there was around 50 percent contribution of revenues by means of sales in the International market which was made by some of the Indian companies. A report also revealed that around top 30 manufacturers of auto components all over the country are expected to attain an annual growth of around 17 percent which is estimated to peg around the US $ 38 billion which could be increased to the US $ 115 billion by the year 2021.
In the same period, the sales of the components which are expected to contribute about 17 percent of sales would increase to around 26 percent.

By the news Auto Components Manufacturer in India, it could be easily concluded that in the following year there would be a few suppliers of auto components in the country and the business would only rest for a few players. It could be clear from the report that in the year 1990, there were around 30,000 suppliers and the number went down to 3000-3500 suppliers in the initial year. It is analyzed that it will go on consolidating continuously.

It was also heralded that after the year 2017 for all automobiles, airbags would be made compulsory which is clearly presenting the opportunity of Rs 1,500 crore.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Components of Powertrain

#powertrain Controller

The work of the Powertrain component controller is to control the combination of actuators and sensors in the automatic transmissions. It also controls the device when attached to the assembly unit. It is essential in the modern production processes as it helps in enabling the control of series of both small as well as the high volume.

Engine Controller

The work of the engine controller is to adjust and control the speed of the engine, combustion processes, the quantity of air and temperature, optimizing the ignition, and various other functions. It is supported with the standards like AUTOSAR and ISO26262. It is also fitted with the multi-micro-controllers like quad-core. Due to the modularity and the scalability, it is very fast and provides adjustments which are specific to the customer.

Brushless Motor Controller

The auxiliaries like valves, water pumps, throttle and air valves which are electricity-powered are controlled by this brushless motor controller. Its main function is to detect the rotor position of BLDC. It also supports the systems whether that have sensors or not. It also blocks the commutation. It also features the communication to CAN, LIN, and PWM which are of very high level systems. It is beneficial as it fulfills all the requirements with the minimum cost and the control of two BLDC engines is also possible with a single controller.

Summary: These are the three most important powertrain components i.e. transmission, engine, and brushless motor controller which are used to give specific and efficient control to the customer. Along with this, there are also important parts like smart actuators, sensor cluster, and the fuel supply management which supports the system of the powertrain. 

Transmission, Gears and Shafts

#Automatic #Transmissions: How it works?

If you used to drive a car, you might be surely knowing that there are two types of transmissions in a vehicle i.e. manual transmission and automatic transmission.
Transmissions  gears and shafts doesn’t have any clutch pedal in the car. In an automatic transmission, there is no gear shift. The car runs automatically once you put the transmission of the car into the drive mode.
Automatic transmissions do its work by the torque converter present in it. A torque converter is the source which takes the place of clutch in the automatic transmission. It has four components by which it performs its actions i.e. the turbine, the impeller, the lock-up clutch, and the stator.
In this, the input shaft is connected to the turbine and the impeller to the engine which drives the turbine by various forces. And the impeller rotates the turbine which sends the torque to the transmission. The work of the stator is to be between the turbine and the impeller. It helps in increasing the output of the torque and redirecting the fluid which returns from turbine to the impeller. The work of the lock-up clutch is to lock the turbine so that it can be mechanically connected to the impeller.


As it is known that Transmission, Gears and Shafts are divided into many parts and types and here is described about the working of the automatic transmissions. Now it could be said that both the transmissions do the same work but in very different ways. The work process of automatic transmissions is totally amazing as it changes the gears of the car automatically.

Transmission Components: Types of Clutch

Dog Clutch: The design of the clutch is made in such way that one pushes into the other which will cause the rotation of both the shafts at the same speed and these would never slip.

Friction Clutch: The technique of friction clutch which is used mostly is the friction clutch. Surface friction is used to transmit the torque between both the faces of the clutch.

Safety Clutch: This clutch is also known as the torque limiter which allows the slip of a rotating shaft. Safety clutch could be the example of a large mower of grass on the driving shaft. If the grass mower has some unwanted substance like stone or anything else there, it stops immediately and doesn’t hamper the blades.

Hydraulic Clutch: In this, the shafts are not in contact with each other because these are coupled in a hydrodynamic manner. These are just an alternative to the mechanical clutches and are also unsteady in transmitting the torque. The main problem in this is related to the coupling in the hydraulic clutches.

Cone Clutch: These clutches are made with conical surface and can be also said to be as the frictional clutches. There would be difference relating the normal surface of the friction


 It could be said that clutch as a part of the Transmission Components plays a vital role in the working of a train. The power is produced by the engine and carried to the wheels. Clutch is only responsible for engaging and disengaging the engine when the driver shifts the gears.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Transmission Components

  Parts of a Clutch

Mainly there are two types of the Clutch System:
·         Hydraulic Clutch System
·         Mechanical Clutch System

·         Hydraulic Clutch System: This type of clutch system works with a number of hydraulic transmission components. This is to actuate the clutch at the time when the pedal is pushed in. The hydraulic clutch system also has various parts like clutch master cylinder, clutch pedal, plastic piping, hydraulic metal and the slave cylinder of the clutch.
There is no air between the master cylinder to the slave cylinder as it is a closed system. There would be a push in the slave cylinder of the pedal of the clutch which is caused by the fluid. There should be a replacement of the fluid on a regular basis as the brake fluid is changed.

·         Mechanical Clutch System: This type of clutch system is the least expensive and the simplest mode of clutch actuation. This can be easily actuated manually or by foot. Once the unit is engaged, there will be a connection in the system because the mechanical clutches have a locking system.

Summary: The clutch system as a part of the Transmission Components is among the one of the most important parts of a car. This helps in the shifting of a gear in the car when it is in motion or about to move. In the old models of vehicles, there was a mechanical clutch system as that needed a proper adjustment in order to maintain a proper gap between the pressure plate and the clutch release bearing. But the new models of vehicles have a self-adjusting feature and hence these are built with hydraulic systems. 

Auto Components Manufacturers in India

It is analyzed from that the Auto Components Manufacturers in India has gained much growth over the last few years. The industry had expanded up to 14.3%. It is all because of the sales corner in the huge market. It aims to gain around Rs 2.92 lake crore which is said to be as $44.90 in US currency. It was all attributed in the financial year 2016-2017.
The auto- components industry contributes to around 7 percent of the GDP and provides employment to around 25 million people of the country both directly as well as indirectly.
India is all made to be as one of the most favourable spots which has increased the purchasing power of the people and resulted in a large domestic market. A stable government framework is also made with huge development in the infrastructure sector which is continuously increasing. Hence, India has become the best destination for the purpose of investment.

As per the reviews by the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India, It could be easily analyzed that India’s auto-components manufacturer company is expected to grow by around 8-10 percent in the financial year 2017-18 and to gain up to $100 billion by the year 2020. Initially, India has exports of around $11.2 billion and expected to be $80-$100 billion by the year 2026. This conclusion was based on the content of the higher component in a vehicle and the continuous rise in the exports according to the ICRA Ltd.

Gears and Shafts in Delhi

  Backlash in Gear Manufacturing

The problem which occurs generally with the error of motion is known as the backlash in Gears and Shafts. This is occurred when the gear system changes its direction. A gap is seen between the leading and the trailing face of the tooth.

How Backlash can be Minimized

A number of techniques can be used to minimize the backlash of the system as required by it. One of the techniques is described here:
·         On a plane, split the gear which is perpendicular to its axis.
·         Then, in conjunction with one another with springs, use the two halves of it in order to add the torque to the system.
·         By this technique, a multi-gear system will be produced which will function just like the single gear system along with the teeth which can be expanded.
·         The teeth can also be tapered in the axial direction which will let the gear to take up the slack and slide in the same direction.
·         An unexpected name can be given to the Backlash but in the gear world, it is also an important process for the gear manufacturing

Summary: It could be analyzed that the Gears and Shafts are perfectly designed and manufactured when a set of gears have “zero” backlash. It shows that these don’t have any lubricant and thermal expansion interfering the system. So, those gear systems which requires control and control should be designed with backlash.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Maintenance of the transmission Components in India.

Issues with your automatic transmission components can make your vehicle risky to work. With routine care and support, it can perform better and last more. The automatic transmission in your vehicle requires legitimate upkeep to forestall costly repairs later on.
The automatic transmission is a standout among the most complex Transmission components in your vehicle. It is in charge of transmitting power from the engine to the driving wheels. It is done through a progression of apparatus sets and the utilization of a torque converter. The transmission depends on a wide range of parts to run appropriately. Keeping up your transmission is similarly as critical as changing your oil or pivoting your tires. There are a few things that you can do to enable you to keep away from issues with this vital component.

Each time you stop for gas, pop the hood and check the level of your transmission components fluid. If you see that it is low, there might be a break. Check the zone where you frequently stop your auto.  

Importance of high-performance engine part manufacturer in building a better nation

There are various Engine parts manufacturer and High-performance engines available globally who design and manufacture it. These engine parts require months and weeks efforts to deliver final machinery in the market. High research and development are done before initiating the manufacturing process. First, a sample is designed, then R&D is done to check the engine performance and figure out the areas of improvement. The testing phase helps in improving the engine efficiency.

Use of Engine parts
•    The Automotive Industry uses These high-performance engines in designing Luxury and Compact cars.
•    The engines are used in developing of heavy mining and construction equipment.
Importance of engine parts
The Engine parts manufacturer offers high-quality engine which performs smooth and does not require much maintenance in the long run. The Engine parts manufacturer is licensed and regularized by the authorized department to manufacture engines and so, benefits the users too.

Avtec is a renowned manufacturer of the engine parts who deal in it.